Hi! Im Zack Rosser, creative director of Zack Rosser Media.

I live with my partner Emily, our puppies Layla & Bailey and our cat Bella. I sports skydiver coaching around Australia and I’m also a tandem instructor! If you wanna jump out of a perfectly good airplane, I’m your guy! I never take life too seriously and always looking to have a good time and a laugh! 

With 3 years experience I am still fresh to the wedding scene but I am passionate about what I do, always striving to progress and get the best for my clients. I love filming weddings as no event is ever the same. There is always a new way of doing things and its never felt like a ‘job’. As they say “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life’.  Capturing those natural true emotion moments is what I’m all about, I may ask for a posed shot or two but I prefer for you two to live in the moment, just being yourselves.

So! If you like what you’re reading, lets get chatting! I’m keen to hear and tell your story!