Their Story.

When you’re partnered with an incredible photographer like Valentina Perez you know you’re in for a great day! With an average forecast of showers set for the day, as a videographer you know you’re in for a hard day in the office trying to capture a variety of different content for the edit.

The guys cool calm and collected, getting ready to all of Jess’s (Bray’s brother) instructions on how everything should be done. To be fair he knew what he was talking about and the outfits were very slick. Very James Bond.

For the girls. Everything started off super chilled & relaxed, until Valentina & myself arrived. I think it started to sink in that it was Paige’s wedding day and nerves began to come to the surface. Paige read out her card filled with loving words from her soon to be husband which she had to fight back the tears, so it didn’t ruin Tess’s artwork. The dress was hung awaiting for us to get some shots. Smooth, simple, white. Stunning. The dress from Adelaide Bridal Collective was incredible, down to the little details. I personally think the best part was the hairband. I’ve never seen a bride wear a hairband before and I thought it was awesome! It was finally time to get Paige into her dress. The moment everyone was waiting for. I think the best word would be flawless and Paige knew she looked it too. She was ready to meet her man.

The ceremony. Setup ready to go was their celebrant Natalie Peachey, awaiting Paige to arrive to get the show on the road. Music started and everyone was eager to see the bride, especially Bray who was waiting at the end of the aisle with anticipation.  Paige made her entrance and Bray was speechless to say the least. Natalie started with her service which was filled with how Paige & Bray’s love storey started. After some great stories shared, rings exchanged there was nothing left but for their first kiss as husband and wife! Woohoo! 

After everyone had their turn at congratulating the newly weds it was Valentina & mine turn to steal the couple for some group and couple portraits (which is my favourite part of the day). Honestly we could’ve put these two anywhere and the footage would’ve looked banging but we went for some nice shots through the grape vines and then finished up on the properties driveway which was super, super cool! Long gravel path with tall trees either side. Perfect.

As the daylight came to an end it was time for everyone to grab a cold one at the Giddy Up Bar, listen through the speeches, cry at the first dance and then let it rip on the dance floor to The Veronicas and the Port Power anthem. Time really did fly bye as I was having a blast and got so caught up filming all the dancing, laughter and good times.


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Supplier List

Celebrant // Natalie Peachey Celebrant

Makeup // Tess Davoren Make Up Artist